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Realistic and modular 3D ant nest (10×10)


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New realistic and modular anthill created in 3D (RealistNest), a perfect anthill with different reliefs offering maximum quality and naturalness. Ant nestfeatures: Tank: 35 ml Chambers/gallery: Yes with different heights. Color: White Lid: Red color included. Modular: Yes Doors: 4.

Ant colony starter kit


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Ideal kit to start an ant colony. Includes (Ant nest + Foraging box + Connector). 3D ant nest: Size: 7cm x 4.5cm. Deposit: 20 ml. Color: White . Red cap: yes. 3D Foraging Box: Size: 5cm x 5cm. Color: White Ventilation: Yes, top cover. Connections: 2 Connector: Color: White Connection: horizontal.    

3D anthill with plaster chambers (mini nest)


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Hormiguero 3D con cámaras de yeso + tanque superior, un hormiguero (pequeño nido). Un hormiguero ideal para hormigas exigentes con un alto nivel de humedad. Características del hormiguero: Tamaño: 7 cm x 4,5 cm. Cámaras/Galería: YESO Depósito: 35 ml (nuevo sistema de conexión fácil). Color blanco Tapa: Incluida color rojo Puerta: Giratoria.

Anthill 3D (10×15) + Camponotus fedtschenkoi (Queen with 3 to 5 workers)


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Super offer, A 10×15 3D Anthill with foraging + Queen Ant with 3 to 5 worker ants of the Camponotus fedtschenkoi species. Features 3D Anthill with foraging: Anthill size: 10 cm x 15 cm Foraging Size: 9 cm x 5 cm Deposit: 25 ml (Antclick System) Chambers/Galleries: Different levels 3 Color: White or Yellow or Pink. Lid: Red included. Interior doors: 3 Choose color 😉

AntderTube + Camponotus fedtschenkoi (Queen)


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Super Offer with limited stock!!!! Antdertube (tube anthill) 10×2.5 with queen ant of the species Camponotus fedtschenkoi. Characteristics of the tube anthill: Size: 10cm x 2.5cm Tank: 10 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White Lid: included Red color. Cap: yes

3D anthill size 10×15 with foraging


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* The creation time is approx 3 days. Discover this 3D anthill with foraging and water tank, a complete and realistic anthill with natural shapes and with different heights/levels. Tested with different species of ants to find the most perfect version. Features 3D Anthill with foraging: Anthill size: 10 cm x 15 cm Foraging Size: 9 cm x 5 cm Deposit: 25 ml (Antclick System) Chambers/Galleries: Different levels Color: White or Yellow or Pink Lid: Red included. Interior doors: 3

AntderTube (Anthill tube) 10×2,5


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Bye Bye tubes with cotton!! The new AntderTube system created by Antderground is the perfect fusion between a 3d anthill and a tube, ideal for keeping our ants well cared for. Characteristics of the tube anthill: Size: 10cm x 2.5cm Tank: 10 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White Lid: included Red color. Cap: yes Discover more features below

3D modular anthill (size 10×10) with upper deposit


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The delivery time is approximately 3 days. ---------------------------------- 3D modular anthill with a deposit on top. Allows connection and expansion with more anthills or foraging boxes. The galleries and interior chambers have different heights. Characteristics of the 3D modular anthill: Size: 10cm x 10cm. Tank: 35 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White. Lid/cover: included Red color. Modular: Yes

3D Anthill size 7×4,5 cm


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Discover our new 3D Anthill with deposit and a connection with the possibility of expanding the anthill or to connect a foraging box. Anthill 3D Features: Size: 7x4,5 (cm) Deposit: 35 ml (Easy connection system) Chambers/Galleries: 1.2 cm high Color: White Lid/cover: included Red color Double door: One interior revolving door and one Antderground standard.

Special anthill for queens with vetical deposit


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Discover this anthill or ant nest ideal for queens, an anthill ideal for temporary area for the queen. Compacted acrylic

Modular anthill acrylic plaster 10 x 10


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Size: 10cm x 10cm Material: acrylic with plaster. Structure colour: White. Plaster colour: yellowish. Lid: Yes, included. Modular anthill: YES

Plaster and acrylic ant nest


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Information of the modular anthill: Size: 10cm x 20cm Thermohygrometer: Yes Material: acrylic with plaster. Structure colour: White. Plaster color: yellowish. Lid: Yes, included. Modular anthill: YES


Professional Anthills

Our objectives

Our ant nest shop has two clear objectives, one is the welfare of the ants and the second the satisfaction of the customers.

For all the Ants

Our anti-leak anthills are prepared for all the exotic ants or normal ants in your area. If you ask us we will advise you. Great variety of ant farm (formicarium)

Creation of anthills

Our anthills are designed and made by our team. 100% Made in Antderground. Modular and anti-leak anthills.

Different materials

We try to adapt to the maximum with different materials to favor the ants, the best known are the acrylic anthill or the wooden anthill.

Welcome myrmecology fans, if you are in Antderground it is because you are discovering the wonderful world of ants and artificial anthills.

In our store you will find all kinds of material for our ant species, you will find different models of anthills and ant farm, but in reality we are known for making anti-leak and modular ant hills.

If you are new and you have doubts about which anthill to buy or know how to care for an anthill, you can ask us by email or WhatsApp and we will solve your doubts without obligation. You will also find more information in the anthill category.

But we not only have ant hills, here you will find everything you need as material to start this new fun and educational hobby.

Some of our materials are foraging boxes, test tube rack, connectors, drinkers and feeders, oils, ant food and much more that you can discover in our store.

Do not hesitate if you are looking for ant hills online or looking for the best ant house to have at home, Antderground is your store.

Do not forget to ask for your ant in your order

¿What can we highlight about the design of our ants nests that makes us unique? 

Let’s see from a series of qualities that are visible to the naked eye in photographs, without even having to have them in hand to convince you that our ant farms and myrmecology material are the best.

In the first place, the use of quality and opaque material such as methacrylate, cork or wood, for the design of the block of galleries that make up the nest where the ants will live, trying to make the interior luminosity of the chambers resemble anthills natural

You will realize that the problems that can derive from feeding a colony in an ant farm without access to the interior chambers, or removing that piece of food in poor condition from inside the humidity chamber, in normal situations, you should have a second anthill, make a move, disassemble and clean the affected anthill.

This problem is solved with Antderground, thanks to the incorporation in most of its models of opening the most important chambers of the ant nests from the outside, not only solving the technical problem with a quick gesture, but also facilitating their maintenance.

The useful life of humidity systems is relative and depends on the ant species and the personal character of the colony, being necessary to change them periodically.


Quality and professional Antderground, where we can perform the “mushroom change” maneuver without having to alter the colony.

Another characteristic of Antderground ant hills is their high degree of anti-leak protection.

We use stainless steel hardware in all of our ant nest.

Our ant farms are strong, robust, resistant to time and with design and quality.

We care about the environment! 

We use GREEN CAST methacrylate, which is an eco-sustainable solution.

These are recycled and recyclable methacrylate plates, without losing any quality in terms of traditional methacrylate and complies with the ISO 7823.1 standard.

¿ Advantages ?

– Reduction of water consumption
– Less waste dumped to land or incineration.
– Lower CO2 emission to the atmosphere of 20%

In summary:
A useful, safe, effective and eco-sustainable product.

Thank you for choosing us

Surely many of us once had an ant farm or home anthill to see how the ants moved and how they lived in their more or less natural habitat.

Having our own ant farm is a responsibility but at the same time it is a system to have new knowledge.

Many people start out of curiosity but soon discover that it is a whole world with many species of ants.

Education + Fun = Passion 😉

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