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20 Test Tube Rack


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Rack for 20 test tubes, ideal for protecting ants with total stability. Characteristics: Color: Transparent red. Includes all 20 tubes. Size 17 x 8 x 7cm Material: methacrylate

Test tube rack


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With the test tube rack created by antderground, you can keep 10 test tubes in perfect stability. This makes the

In this category you can see the different Rack for test tubes (test tube rack) ideal to protect our ants.

Differences with the other test tube racks?

Easy! Antderground has prepared these test tube racks with the main objective of protecting all species of ants in the best way, since the ants will spend a short time in these tubes.

Red test tube rack?

If, for various reasons, one is because this red color helps us diffuse and filter natural light, in this way our ants will have this point of protection.

The other reason is simple! The color is beautiful and we use it in our range of red covers for our ant nests.

We follow a style! Our products are safe, resistant and elegant.