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Terrarium for Insects and Arachnids (9x9x9)


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Discover the new terrarium designed for insects and arachnids, a sturdy and professional terrarium measuring 9 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm. Features: Size: 9 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm. Material: Acrylic sides / 3D-printed PLA base. Color: Transparent / one transparent red side. Ventilation: Sides and top cover.

Terrarium for insectss 12 X 12 X 15


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Terrarium for insects created by Antderground, An acrylic terrarium with the option of incorporating a thermometer and hygrometer. This transparent

Discover our new terrariums for insects and other animals such as ants, professional terrariums created by Antderground.

Is it a terrarium for insects?

Yeah! As mentioned above, this is our most modern version designed not only for ants but also for insects.

The sizes can be, for example, the 12x12x15 model with a superior breathing system and with temperature and humidity measurement, perfect for having our insects well controlled.

Is it an acrylic terrarium?

Yeah! As has been commented in other parts of the web, the acrylic material offers a resistance that few materials can offer, it is also easier to clean to have some basic care.