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Humidity system and drinker


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Humidity and drinker system to connect to any anthill, small nest or forage box. Totally anti-leak and with a design

Corner connector


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Corner connector to connect a foraging box to a vertical modular ant hill or to connect between a horizontal modular

Horizontal to vertical and triple connector


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This connector is ideal to connect for example an ant hill to a foraging box vertically and also serves to

Test tube connector 90 ° (Includes tube)


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Discover this connector for test tube, 90º, with test tube included.

Test tube adapter


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Adapter to connect tubes of size: 16, 13, 10.

Connector of ant nests and foraging boxes


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Connector between anthills and/or foraging boxes

Connector for test tube (includes tube)


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Useful connector both for moving from tube to ant nest and for hydration.

If you are in this category it is because you are interested in anthill connectors and foraging boxes, below you will find a brief description.

Different connectors.

On our website we have different options or adapters designed to offer certain solutions for certain anthills.

Anthill connectors and foraging boxes.

Connector for anthills and foraging boxes, this connector allows connection in the same position to different options such as an anthill with a foraging box or an anthill with another anthill etc.

Connector with humidity system and drinker.

Humidity system and drinker to connect to any antnest or foraging boxes.

Test tube connector.

This connector allows us to connect a test tube to an anthill, ideal for having a hydration point or humidity point for our anthills. It is also ideal for moving.