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Cubaris jupiter


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Discover the fascinating world of isopods with the Cubaris jupiter! From their vibrant colors to their important role in the ecosystem, these little creatures are a unique and fascinating addition to your terrarium. Make your space come alive with their presence! 🌿✨

Cubaris panda king


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Discover the fascinating life in miniature with the Cubaris Panda King: small guardians of ecological balance for your terrarium. Bring your habitat to life with these adorable and beneficial companions!

Porcellio laevis dairy cow


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Discover beauty in miniature! Purchase your own Porcellio laevis Dairy Cow and add a unique touch to your terrarium. Bring your environment to life with these fascinating isopods! 🐄


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Discover the vibrant world of miniature nature with our Porcellio laevis Orange! These charming orange isopods will add a unique splash of color to your terrarium. Easy to care for and fascinating to observe, get yours today and bring your environment to life!

Gromphadorhina portentosa


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Discover the fascinating Madagascar hissing cockroach! Perfect as an exotic pet or for research projects. Its peculiarity and ease of care make it a unique choice. Dare to explore the world of these incredible creatures!

Pseudoglomeris Magnifica


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Discover the stunning Emerald Cockroach (Pseudoglomeris Magnifica), its vibrant green color and unique presence make it a fascinating addition to any environment! Get yours now!

Hymenopus coronatus


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The orchid mantis is an astonishing example of adaptation and camouflage in the animal kingdom, and its ability to mimic flowers is a fascinating showcase of the diversity and complexity of nature. Price by unit.

Phyllocrania paradoxa


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Experience the magic of nature with the Phantom Mantis! Her exceptional camouflage and captivating behavior make her a living treasure. Make it part of your world today! 🌿✨

Lucihormetica verrucosa


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Discover Lucihormetica verrucosa! Unique cockroach with green bioluminescence and warty exoskeleton. Perfect for studios or hobbyists.

Peruphasma schultei


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Stick insect (Peruphasma Schultei) a black phasmid of Peruvian origin known for size and shape.

Trichorhina tomentosa


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Discover Trichorhina tomentosa (dwarf mealybug), a live food for small animals such as reptiles or microfauna in bioactive terrariums. It is a food very rich in calcium. Also for ants and insects in general. * The value (ml) is the total of the tub with the cochineal + substrate.

In Antderground you can also find insects of different varieties of species, discover this main category with the different insects. For example you can find isopods among others.

In this general category (Insects) you have 3 subcategories:
1- Isoptera – Example mainly and known as termites.
2- Phasmids – Example known as leaf bugs or stick bugs etc.
3- Isopods – Known examples are armadillidium.