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Modular ant nest size 10 x 10 with mushroom and sponge


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Modular ant nest of size 10 x 10 cm. Isolatable mushroom to be able to change it without having to

Ant nest 10 x 20 mushroom + sponge with foraging area


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1,2 Interior height. Sliding doors. Mushroom + sponge. Large foraging area.

Ant nest with mushroom and sponge (10 x 10)


there is stock

Size 10 x 10. 1.2 Interior height. Sliding doors. Mushroom + sponge. Small foraging area.

Here you will find ant farms with mushroom and sponge, an ideal anthill to keep some humidity inside the acrylic ant nest.

Advantages of an ant farm with mushroom and sponge?

The main advantages of these anthills are 2 key points.

1- It provides perfect humidity and hydration for our ants.

2- The combination of the two makes the anthill the perfect ingredient to have different species of ants demanding humidity or hydration.

Advantages of the mushrooms in our ant hills?

The mushrooms have the great advantage that they do not have to be refilled until the water in the reservoir runs out.

At Antderground we have two types of mushrooms:

A plaster mushroom.
A ceramic mushroom: In this case it is the improved version and more resistant to time since it is better preserved, it is also easier to clean.

Advantages of the sponge version?

The sponge offers a higher humidity level ideal for ant species that require high humidity, but as a disadvantage it depletes faster.