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20 Test Tube Rack


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Rack for 20 test tubes, ideal for protecting ants with total stability. Characteristics: Color: Transparent red. Includes all 20 tubes. Size 17 x 8 x 7cm Material: methacrylate

Set of 3 Ant Liquid Feeders (20 ml each)


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Set of 3 Ant Feeders with 20 ml Capacity Each. Perfect Feeders for Your Terrarium or Ant Farm. This version of feeders features a stainless steel grid to prevent liquid leakage. Features: Clear Plastic Reservoir/Bottle. Capacity: 20 ml. Grid: Stainless Steel. Colors: Red (Pink), Yellow, Blue. Quantity: 3 feeders.



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Rapa-Nui style Moai figure, ideal to decorate your space for ants and insects or vivariums, an ideal complement for your foraging area or terrarium, etc. Moai size: 3.5 cm Colour: Grey.

Cap with grid and tray for tubes


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Cap with ventilation grill and feeding tray. For 16 mm tubes. An alternative to cotton. . Only cap is sent.

Artificial plant (model B)


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Artificial plant (model B) ideal for decorating foraging boxes (ant nests) and terrariums.

Artificial plant (model A)


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Planta artificial (modelo A) ideal para decorar cajas de forrajeo o terrarios.

Black sand (100 gr)


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Black sand: Ideal for decorating terrariums, boxes, anthills. Quantity: 100gr. Important: Clean well with water before using in the terrarium or ant box.

Volcanic gravel (100 gr)


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Volcanic gravel ideal for: Terrariums and foraging boxes. Quantity: 100gr. Important: Clean well with water before using in the terrarium or ant box.

Keychain for queen ants


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Keychain for queens, a comfortable and provisional option to store queen ants at specific times such as: on trips to the forest or field, etc. Size: 4.5 x 1.3 (cm) (tube). Colour: Black. Material: Aluminum. An ideal accessory in myrmecology.

Oak leaves (35 leaves)


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35 oak leaves, ideal for decorating foraging boxes and terrariums, a perfect natural element for all ant species. Number of leaves: 35. Size: Different sizes. Species: Quercus robur.

Set of 3 liquid feeders for ants (3ml each) (Different colors)


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Set of 3 liquid feeders for ants with a capacity of 3ml each. These feeders are ideal for our ants and come in 3 different colors. Amber glass bottle: Ideal for the preservation of food/liquids. Total of 3 feeders: 1 red feeder 1 blue feeder 1 yellow feeder Capacity: 3ml each

In this category you will discover a wide variety of accessories for our artificial ant nests and terrariums. Also accessories for any species of ants and insects.

Accessories for formicariums and terrariums:

You will be able to visualize different products and materials with the aim of improving the anthill or terrarium and obtain more well-being of our ants and insects.

You will find decorative products for our foraging boxes, terrariums and ant nests.

Test tube connectors to adapt the connection between a tube and an ant nest.

You will also find ant drinkers and food trays that we will explain in more detail in their corresponding category.

Accessories such as humidity systems like ceramic mushroom and others that we explain in other categories.

Accessories for ants!

It is ideal to complement the anthill / foraging box so that any species of ant is at ease and appears as natural or realistic as possible.