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Magnifying glass


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Magnification: 30x. color: Gray. Size 30x21mm



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Colour: Black. Tip: Fine and gray color. Ideal tweezer for picking up materials or for ants, they are fine-tipped tweezer ideal for the most complicated corners of anthills.

Ytong block 25X30X7


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Material block ytong size: 25X30X7

Box for moving between tubes


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With this box for moving between tubes made in 3D you will be able to move from one tube to

Coconut fiber substrate for ants


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An organic, 100% natural and renewable substrate. It is a material of easy and great rehydration, very useful to decorate

Drinking trough for ants 3 ml


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Drinking troughs for ants (size 3 ml), created by Antderground, amber glass bottle for better food preservation.

Drinking trough for ants 1,5 ml


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Drinking troughs for ants with amber glass bottle for better food preservation.

syringe 1 ml


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1 ml syringe very useful when feeding the ants, since it is easy to use to supply drops to our

Decorative gravel (100 gr)


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100 gr. Non-toxic gravel to decorate foraging boxes and ant nest HOW TO USE: 1. Wash the gravel in a

Test tube rack


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With the test tube rack created by antderground, you can keep 10 test tubes in perfect stability. This makes the



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Mushroom replacement, for mushroom-type ant nest