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Fresnel magnifying glass


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Fresnel magnifying glass size 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm

Pipette (1ml)


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Pipette of (1ml) capacity ideal for feeding our ants. Capacity: 1ml Colour: Transparent / medium opaque You will have no excuses for not having control over the feeding of your ants ;-)

Flexible tube (50 cm) – 12/10 (To make connections)


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Flexible tube (50 cm) ideal for making different connections between different anthills or foraging boxes. Length: 50 cm. Size: 12/10mm. Plastic material. Transparent color.

100 microcentrifuge tubes


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Quantity: 100 tubes: Deposit: 1.5ml Colour: Transparent white. It is a perfect tube to have samples, these tubes are known as eppendorf tubes. Smaller and more resistant test tubes especially for the micro centrifuge, but in reality it is used in many research fields, one of these fields is myrmecology.



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Simple thermometer ideal to control the temperature of our anthills. Useful to have controlled an ideal environment for ants.

AntderTube (Anthill tube) 10×2,5


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Bye Bye tubes with cotton!! The new AntderTube system created by Antderground is the perfect fusion between a 3d anthill and a tube, ideal for keeping our ants well cared for. Characteristics of the tube anthill: Size: 10cm x 2.5cm Tank: 10 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White Lid: included Red color. Cap: yes Discover more features below

Magnifying glass


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Magnification: 30x. color: Gray. Size 30x21mm



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Colour: Black. Tip: Fine and gray color. Ideal tweezer for picking up materials or for ants, they are fine-tipped tweezer ideal for the most complicated corners of anthills.

Humidity system and drinker


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Humidity and drinker system to connect to any anthill, small nest or forage box. Totally anti-leak and with a design

Foraging box for test tube


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Foraging box for test tube with tube included Test tube: 16 mm in diameter. Foraging size: 45 x 40 x 22 mm. White color.

Ytong block 25X30X7


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Material block ytong size: 25X30X7