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Wooden 3D Ant Nest (8×5 cm)


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Discover the new 3D ant nest with a 100% wooden interior, featuring an upper reservoir and a spacious area perfect for starting with your queen ants, equipped with a connection to link with a foraging area or another ant nest. Ant Nest Features: Size: 8 cm x 5 cm. Outer Material: PLA+. Inner Material: 100% Wood. Reservoir: 20 ml (new easy connection system). Color: White and Brown. Lid: Included, red color. Rotating Door: Yes Connection: Yes (to connect with other ant nests or foraging areas).

3D Modular Kit (v2) (Small)


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3D Modular Kit (v2) | Consists of a modular 3D ant farm measuring 10x10 with various galleries, a 10x10 foraging box, and a modular connector. This kit is perfect for limitless expansion as your ant colony grows. A kingdom for your queen ant! Kit Information: 1- Modular 3D Ant Nest  (10×10). 1- Red cover for the ant nest. 1- Modular foraging box (10×10). 1- Modular connector.

3D Modular Kit (M)


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A modular (3D) kit (Medium) perfect to start having medium or large colonies! A world for your ants. With the great advantage of being modular and being able to expand as you wish!! The kit contains: 1 Foraging box 10x20 (cm). 1 3D modular anthill 10x20 (cm). 2 Modular connectors. 1 Red lid.

3D Modular Ant Farm Kit (XL)


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An ant farm kit ideal for housing large ant colonies. Enjoy observing and caring for your ants in spacious environments. An experience on a grand scale! A perfect kingdom for your ants! The pack contains: (2) 3D Modular Antnest (10x20): (1) 3D Modular Antnest (10x10): (1) Foraging box (20x20) (5) Red Covers for Ant Farms. (6) Modular Connectors.

3D Modular Kit (v1) (Small)


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Discover this 3D modular kit (v1) made up of a: 3D modular anthill (all in one) size 10x10 + 10x10 modular foraging box. A perfect ant nest kit to have your ant colony. Kit Information: 1- Modular 3D Ant Nest (all in one) (10x10). 1- Red cover for the ant nest. 1- Modular foraging box (10x10). 1- Modular connector.

3D Modular Ant Farm (10×20)


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Discover our 3D modular ant nest, 10x20 cm, white with yellow accents. Features 6 external doors for modular connections and an internal revolving door. Ideal for medium/large ant colonies. Specifications: Reservoirs: (2) of 20 ml each. Color: White/Yellow. Lid: Included, Red color. Modular: Yes. Internal doors: 1. External doors: 6.

3D Modular Ant Farm (All-in-One)


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New 3D Modular Ant Farm (all in one), an ant farm designed to offer various options, divided into 4 zones. It can be transformed into: 4 nesting areas or 2 small ant farms or one large one (and more options). Features: Capacity: 35 ml Color: White / Yellow Lid: Included, Red color. Modular: Yes Internal doors: 4 External doors: 4

Create your ant nest (ytong)


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Your Ant Nest! Your Design! Create your own galleries with this fantastic ytong ant nest, easy to carve and shape according to your preferences. Ytong replacements are also available for when you no longer like the design or make any mistakes. Features: Interior: 8x8 cm (nest) Exterior: 10x8 cm Connections: 2 Material: PLA (3D) / Ytong Color: Green / Ytong (Gray) Red Lid: Yes (red color)

Formicarium Kit for Leafcutter Ants


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Starter Set for Leafcutter ants (Formicarium). A perfect kit to create an ideal environment for these ant species. Features:
  • 1 Module for fungus of 10 x 10 (cm).
  • 1 Module for foraging area of 10 x 8 (cm).
  • 1 Module for cleaning/waste of 10 x 8 (cm).
  • 2 Acrylic tubes with a diameter of 3 cm.
  • 4 Connectors for acrylic tubes.
  • Adjustable ventilation caps in the different modules.
  • 20 ml ant drinker (AntiClick version)
Important: - Assembly time is approximately 3 minutes. - Delivery may take between 3 days. - Ants are not included.

AntderTube + Camponotus japonicus (Queen)


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Offer: Antdertube (Tube Anthill) 10×2.5 with queen ant of the species Camponotus japonicus. Characteristics of the tube anthill: Size: 10cm x 2.5cm Tank: 10 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White Lid: included Red color. Cap: yes

Ant colony starter kit + Queen Camponotus japonicus with workers


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This colony starter kit with queen ant and worker ants is one of the best options to start with. Includes: - Anthill + Foraging box + Connector. - Queen ant Camponotus japonicus with 1 - 5 worker ants. Kit features: 3D ant nest: Size: 7cm x 4.5cm. Deposit: 20 ml. Color: White . Red cap: yes. 3D Foraging Box: Size: 5cm x 5cm. Color: White Ventilation: Yes, top cover. Connections: 2 Connector: Color: White Connection: horizontal.

Realistic and modular 3D ant nest (10×10)


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New realistic and modular anthill created in 3D (RealistNest), a perfect anthill with different reliefs offering maximum quality and naturalness. Ant nestfeatures: Tank: 35 ml Chambers/gallery: Yes with different heights. Color: White Lid: Red color included. Modular: Yes Doors: 4.

Our Formicariums

On this page you will find our artificial ant nests classified by different categories to make it easier for the user to find his ideal nest.

Each one of the categories has its own description to inform you about the formicariums, for example if it is an acrylic anthill or an anti-leakage anthill.

Our objectives by creating ant nests.

Antderground’s main objective in 2023 is the innovation and creation of anti-leak and modular anthills with the guarantee and satisfaction of our customers.
We are currently working on the creation of modular anthills with different materials.

Which ant farm to buy?

It depends on the user’s knowledge and experience in the world of myrmecology, for example if they have ever had a home ant farm or already have experience with an anthill.

Ant hills for beginners:
If you are just starting out, our advice are the ant hills with mushroom and sponge.

Example: the ant nest (10 x10) or (10 x20).

If you have any questions you can ask us by WhatsApp or email and we will advise you without problems.

Care of an anthill. (formicaria)

Our anthills are of quality and resistant. As every anthill has some care and cleaning maintenance depending on the species of ants that we have.

At the moment of cleaning our anthill is important:
– Avoid all chemical cleaning products and products with alcohol, since they could deteriorate the structure or the most visual part of our anthill.
We work with materials like metracrilato, wood or 3d etc.