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Realistic and modular 3D ant nest (10×10)


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New realistic and modular anthill created in 3D (RealistNest), a perfect anthill with different reliefs offering maximum quality and naturalness. Ant nestfeatures: Tank: 35 ml Chambers/gallery: Yes with different heights. Color: White Lid: Red color included. Modular: Yes Doors: 4.

Ant colony starter kit


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Ideal kit to start an ant colony. Includes (Ant nest + Foraging box + Connector). 3D ant nest: Size: 7cm x 4.5cm. Deposit: 20 ml. Color: White . Red cap: yes. 3D Foraging Box: Size: 5cm x 5cm. Color: White Ventilation: Yes, top cover. Connections: 2 Connector: Color: White Connection: horizontal.    

3D anthill with plaster chambers (mini nest)


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Hormiguero 3D con cámaras de yeso + tanque superior, un hormiguero (pequeño nido). Un hormiguero ideal para hormigas exigentes con un alto nivel de humedad. Características del hormiguero: Tamaño: 7 cm x 4,5 cm. Cámaras/Galería: YESO Depósito: 35 ml (nuevo sistema de conexión fácil). Color blanco Tapa: Incluida color rojo Puerta: Giratoria.

3D anthill size 10×15 with foraging


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* The creation time is approx 3 days. Discover this 3D anthill with foraging and water tank, a complete and realistic anthill with natural shapes and with different heights/levels. Tested with different species of ants to find the most perfect version. Features 3D Anthill with foraging: Anthill size: 10 cm x 15 cm Foraging Size: 9 cm x 5 cm Deposit: 25 ml (Antclick System) Chambers/Galleries: Different levels Color: White or Yellow or Pink Lid: Red included. Interior doors: 3

AntderTube (Anthill tube) 10×2,5


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Bye Bye tubes with cotton!! The new AntderTube system created by Antderground is the perfect fusion between a 3d anthill and a tube, ideal for keeping our ants well cared for. Characteristics of the tube anthill: Size: 10cm x 2.5cm Tank: 10 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White Lid: included Red color. Cap: yes Discover more features below

3D modular anthill (size 10×10) with upper deposit


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The delivery time is approximately 3 days. ---------------------------------- 3D modular anthill with a deposit on top. Allows connection and expansion with more anthills or foraging boxes. The galleries and interior chambers have different heights. Characteristics of the 3D modular anthill: Size: 10cm x 10cm. Tank: 35 ml (new easy connection system). Chambers/gallery: Different heights. Color: White. Lid/cover: included Red color. Modular: Yes

3D Anthill size 7×4,5 cm


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Discover our new 3D Anthill with deposit and a connection with the possibility of expanding the anthill or to connect a foraging box. Anthill 3D Features: Size: 7x4,5 (cm) Deposit: 35 ml (Easy connection system) Chambers/Galleries: 1.2 cm high Color: White Lid/cover: included Red color Double door: One interior revolving door and one Antderground standard.

In this category you will be able to visualize the new ant nests 3d. Some ideal nests for our ants.

Advantages of a 3D printed ant farm

  • The main advantage of a 3d printed anthill is:
    Realism! because it can be obtained by simulating certain surfaces looking as real as possible to its natural environment.
  •  Another advantage is the resistance and the light material it offers.

But be careful! 3D printed anthills have a very careful and slow process.

  • First of all you have to design and think well with the structures of the anthill to have a professional and realistic results.
  • Then the 3d printing is very slow.

Colors in the ant nests in 3D?

The answer is simple! YES

At the moment we are investigating and testing with the colors.

The color available at the moment is white, yellow, pink. With red lid.

Do we have any 3D modular nest?

Yes!!! but shhhht!! it’s a surprise!
We have different 3D modular models designed for professional level in process.

They will not be simple modulars, they will be 3D modular anthills and all terrain.

These modular nests can be adapted with all our modular anthills regardless of the material of the other anthill.