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Camponotus Ca02


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Discover the fascinating ant Camponotus CA02! With their imposing size and elegant morphology, these ants captivate with their presence. Ideal for observing inside your anthill or terrarium

Camponotus substitutus


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Technical sheet of the ant (Camponotus substitutus) Scientific Name: Camponotus substitutus Taxonomic Classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order:

Camponotus renggeri


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Discover the Camponotus renggeri ant! A curious, exotic ant perfect for your artificial ant farm. Explore them today!

Camponotus mus


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Explore the exotic Camponotus mus, the renowned carpenter ant! Immerse yourself in the diversity of its colors and witness how it thrives in an artificial ant farm. Transform your ant farm into a captivating habitat where these ants showcase their amazing skills and natural beauty. A unique experience for any miniature life enthusiast! 🌿🐜

Acromyrmex lundii


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Discover the exotic ant Acromyrmex lundii! Renowned for its ingenious fungus agriculture, this species offers you the chance to witness how it creates a unique habitat and transforms your space into a captivating ecosystem! 🍃🐜 Important: The image is indicative, each fungus is different in shape and size.

Amoimyrmex Striatus


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Discover the marvels of nature at home with the queen ant Amoimyrmex striatus! Renowned in myrmecology, this species offers a captivating glimpse into its life. Watch as it meticulously tends to its fungus, creating a fascinating ecosystem that will captivate all. 🌿🐜

Myrmecocystus Mimicus (Honey Pot Ant)


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Myrmecocystus Mimicus ant known as a honeypot ant. This species is distributed between Mexico and part of California. Its ability to produce honey and its importance in the balance of the ecosystem within the anthill make it a unique acquisition. Don't miss the opportunity to have it in your collection! 🐜🍯
  • Only queen ant is sent

Pogonomyrmex wheeleri (Queen)


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Scientific name: Pogonomyrmex wheeleri Taxonomic classification: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Hymenoptera Family: Formicidae Subfamily: Myrmicinae Genus: Pogonomyrmex

Pogonomyrmex californicus


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This species of ant is known as the “harvester ant”.

In this category you will find all kinds of exotic ants from different parts of the world.

Our exotic ants.

As you can see we have a wide variety of exotic ants, not only European but also from different parts of the world, large ants, small ants and different colors, each with its special touch that makes it unique.

For example, the (Oecophylla smaragdina), an ant that is surprising due to its yellow/green color and its characteristics.

Care of the different species of ants

This topic is very important, since each species of ant is from different parts of the world with different climates and different levels of humidity.

It is also important to choose an anthill well that adapts to different levels of humidity, such as:
The mushroom and sponge anthills from our store, but as a general basis all our anthills (Antderground) are designed for all types of ant species.

Guarantee of our ants?

If our ants have a guarantee with certain specific points that you can read and find in the following link -> See Guarantee