Do ants have a guarantee?

We guarantee the arrival of the ants alive.

If your ant arrives dead we will send you another one the same day, or 100% of the cost of the ant if we do not have it in stock.

As long as a series of requirements are met:

1– Send a video or photo before removing the security label to open the tube in which it arrived, where it is clear that the queen has arrived dead.

2– Keep in mind that it only applies in case of death of the queen ant, not the workers or the offspring that it may have.

3– Before ordering, be informed about the laws of your country and customs restrictions, to avoid surprises and/or problems with your package. Legislation and customs issues are at the risk of the buyer.

4– The warranty is also lost in case the package is not received at the first delivery of the transport agency, or is left at a neighbor’s house due to the absence of the buyer.