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Create your ant nest (ytong)


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Your Ant Nest! Your Design! Create your own galleries with this fantastic ytong ant nest, easy to carve and shape according to your preferences. Ytong replacements are also available for when you no longer like the design or make any mistakes. Features: Interior: 8x8 cm (nest) Exterior: 10x8 cm Connections: 2 Material: PLA (3D) / Ytong Color: Green / Ytong (Gray) Red Lid: Yes (red color)

Ytong mini Ant Nest


there is stock

This Ytong anthill is ideal for starting ant colonies. Ideal for single queen ants or first ants. Characteristics of the anthill:
  • Material: Ytong main with 3D base.
  • Color: Gray / Green (3d base) / Red cover color.
  • Size: 8.6 x 9cm
  • Interior depths: 16,18,20 (mm) (interior heights)
  • Anti-leaks.
  • Modular: NO. It can connect to all anthills and foragers that use the Antderground system. It can be connected with a tube but with an adapter.

Modular anthill ytong


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Modular anthill created of ytong material inside and outside of acrylic.