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Ytong mini Ant Nest


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This Ytong anthill is ideal for starting ant colonies. Ideal for single queen ants or first ants. Characteristics of the anthill:
  • Material: Ytong main with 3D base.
  • Color: Gray / Green (3d base) / Red cover color.
  • Size: 8.6 x 9cm
  • Interior depths: 16,18,20 (mm) (interior heights)
  • Anti-leaks.
  • Modular: NO. It can connect to all anthills and foragers that use the Antderground system. It can be connected with a tube but with an adapter.

Modular anthill acrylic plaster 10 x 10


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Size: 10cm x 10cm Material: acrylic with plaster. Structure colour: White. Plaster colour: yellowish. Lid: Yes, included. Modular anthill: YES

Plaster and acrylic ant nest


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Information of the modular anthill: Size: 10cm x 20cm Thermohygrometer: Yes Material: acrylic with plaster. Structure colour: White. Plaster color: yellowish. Lid: Yes, included. Modular anthill: YES

Accessory for mini ant nest special colobopsis truncata


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Accessory that is attached to 3 of our ant nurseries or mini nests (sponge model, cork model and zero humidity

Special ant nest for camponotus 14 x 28


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This ant nest is specially designed for camponotus ants, since they do not require much humidity, and with large chambers

In this category you will find original and special ant nests made of different materials that make them unique for their design or characteristics.

Why are these ant farms special and original?

Easy, they are artificial ant farms with some characteristics different from other ant nests in the market, such as a special ant nest for the species of ants camponotus.

Another example are acrylic anthills but with a part of plaster and with the option of a thermohygrometer meter that makes it easy to know at all times from the phone (bluetooth) the temperature and humidity of our anthill.

Or experimenting with anthills made in ytong but with a wilder touch.

As you can see they are also made of different materials.

Maintenance of the special formicariums?

All ant nests in the Antderground store are easy to clean, the special ones are the same, they have removable parts to be able to perform a correct cleaning.