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3D Modular Ant Farm (10×20)


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Discover our 3D modular ant nest, 10x20 cm, white with yellow accents. Features 6 external doors for modular connections and an internal revolving door. Ideal for medium/large ant colonies. Specifications: Reservoirs: (2) of 20 ml each. Color: White/Yellow. Lid: Included, Red color. Modular: Yes. Internal doors: 1. External doors: 6.

3D Modular Ant Farm (All-in-One)


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New 3D Modular Ant Farm (all in one), an ant farm designed to offer various options, divided into 4 zones. It can be transformed into: 4 nesting areas or 2 small ant farms or one large one (and more options). Features: Capacity: 35 ml Color: White / Yellow Lid: Included, Red color. Modular: Yes Internal doors: 4 External doors: 4

Realistic and modular 3D ant nest (10×10)


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New realistic and modular anthill created in 3D (RealistNest), a perfect anthill with different reliefs offering maximum quality and naturalness. Ant nestfeatures: Tank: 35 ml Chambers/gallery: Yes with different heights. Color: White Lid: Red color included. Modular: Yes Doors: 4.

Modular anthill acrylic plaster 10 x 10


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Size: 10cm x 10cm Material: acrylic with plaster. Structure colour: White. Plaster colour: yellowish. Lid: Yes, included. Modular anthill: YES

Plaster and acrylic ant nest


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Information of the modular anthill: Size: 10cm x 20cm Thermohygrometer: Yes Material: acrylic with plaster. Structure colour: White. Plaster color: yellowish. Lid: Yes, included. Modular anthill: YES

Modular anthill ytong


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Modular anthill created of ytong material inside and outside of acrylic.

Modular Ant nest 10×10 mushroom


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Introducing version 3.0 A modular ant nest, size 10 x 10 with a mushroom. An acrylic ant nest for all

Modular anthill 20 x 20 with mushroom and evaporation


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Modular acrylic anthill, size 20×20 with mushroom and evaporation system. A professional modular ant nest for all levels. It has

Acrylic ant nest – modular 10 x 10 with evaporation


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Perfect ant nest for species that require a medium level of humidity. Acrylic ant nest with a size 10×10, it

Wooden Vertical Modular Ant Nest (10 x 10)


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Discover the new vertical modular wooden ant nest. -Size 10×10. -Acrylic exterior. -Wooden interior galleries. This new modular ant hill

Modular ant nest (wood interior) 20×20


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Modular anthill with interior wooden galleries. A professional ant hill for all species of ants.

Modular wooden Ant nest


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Modular wooden ant nest of 10 x 10 cm in size, special for species of ants that in nature inhabit

What is a modular ant farms?

The modular ant farms from Antderground are ant farms that can be connected infinitely and without limitations, including the foraging boxes

Our modular ant nests are made of different materials.

One example would be the acrylic and modular ant nest and the other would be the modular wooden ant nest inside and acrylic outside.

Why acrylic on the outside? to guarantee its durability and quality as a product.

Wooden modular anthills are recommended for ant species that require a low level of humidity.

For example: Crematogaster scutellaris ants and other arboreal species that live in wood.

Advantages of a modular ant nest?

  • The modular anthills have several advantages, for example:
    The cleanliness and maintenance.
  • The security.
  • The most important thing is that we can make our ant nest grow as much as we want and configure it to our liking.
Level of experience?

It is important to already have some knowledge in the world of myrmecology or homemade anthills.
If you want to start with this version of modular nest you can contact us to solve your doubts without any problem.
Start with your modular ant farm (formicariums).