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Formicarium Kit for Leafcutter Ants


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Starter Set for Leafcutter ants (Formicarium). A perfect kit to create an ideal environment for these ant species. Features:
  • 1 Module for fungus of 10 x 10 (cm).
  • 1 Module for foraging area of 10 x 8 (cm).
  • 1 Module for cleaning/waste of 10 x 8 (cm).
  • 2 Acrylic tubes with a diameter of 3 cm.
  • 4 Connectors for acrylic tubes.
  • Adjustable ventilation caps in the different modules.
  • 20 ml ant drinker (AntiClick version)
Important: - Assembly time is approximately 3 minutes. - Delivery may take between 3 days. - Ants are not included.

Foraging box for test tube


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Foraging box for test tube with tube included Test tube: 16 mm in diameter. Foraging size: 45 x 40 x 22 mm. White color.

Foraging box 20 x 20 x 15


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Wonderful 3D foraging box (terrarium) in size 20x20x15 ideal for ants, discover this new modular box/terrarium ideal for connecting with any anthill or foraging box. Characteristics: Size: 20x20x15 (cm) Material: Methacrylate / PLA (3D) Connections / Inputs: 8 Modular: Yes Top cover: Yes Breathing: Yes upper part. Optional: include legs (for anthills with mushrooms).

Foraging box 10 x 10


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Foraging box of size 10 x 10 x 7 cm designed for a modular mushroom or sponge system or to

Foraging box 10 x 20


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Foraging box of size 10 x 20 cm. This foraging box is designed for a modular mushroom or sponge system

Mini foraging box for moving between tubes (included)


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Foraging box of size 2 x 2 cm, Special foraging box to pass ants from one tube to another, thus

3D foraging box (5×5)


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3D foraging box ideal for small ant colonies, to connect a tube or a small anthill. Entries: 2. Size: 5cm x 5 cm. Ventilation: Yes, lid with ventilation. Material: 3D and Acrylic.

If you are looking for foraging boxes for ants, you are in the right category. We have different sizes and with the highest quality as always.

Our foraging boxes.

The boxes in our store are compatible with all the anthills and connectors in our catalogue, they are all compatible with our boxes.

What is it for ?

Basically they are larger spaces in the form of a transparent box made with methacrylate where the ants feel more free to perform certain actions.

These actions consist of a walking point for the ants, a litter release and a feeding point for our anthills.

Caring for a box
The main care that the foraging boxes have is basically cleaning, it is recommended to clean every x time