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Wooden 3D Ant Nest (8×5 cm)


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Discover the new 3D ant nest with a 100% wooden interior, featuring an upper reservoir and a spacious area perfect for starting with your queen ants, equipped with a connection to link with a foraging area or another ant nest. Ant Nest Features: Size: 8 cm x 5 cm. Outer Material: PLA+. Inner Material: 100% Wood. Reservoir: 20 ml (new easy connection system). Color: White and Brown. Lid: Included, red color. Rotating Door: Yes Connection: Yes (to connect with other ant nests or foraging areas).

3D anthill with plaster chambers (mini nest)


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Hormiguero 3D con cámaras de yeso + tanque superior, un hormiguero (pequeño nido). Un hormiguero ideal para hormigas exigentes con un alto nivel de humedad. Características del hormiguero: Tamaño: 7 cm x 4,5 cm. Cámaras/Galería: YESO Depósito: 35 ml (nuevo sistema de conexión fácil). Color blanco Tapa: Incluida color rojo Puerta: Giratoria.

3D Anthill size 7×4,5 cm


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Discover our new 3D Anthill with deposit and a connection with the possibility of expanding the anthill or to connect a foraging box. Anthill 3D Features: Size: 7x4,5 (cm) Deposit: 35 ml (Easy connection system) Chambers/Galleries: 1.2 cm high Color: White Lid/cover: included Red color Double door: One interior revolving door and one Antderground standard.

Ytong mini Ant Nest


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This Ytong anthill is ideal for starting ant colonies. Ideal for single queen ants or first ants. Characteristics of the anthill:
  • Material: Ytong main with 3D base.
  • Color: Gray / Green (3d base) / Red cover color.
  • Size: 8.6 x 9cm
  • Interior depths: 16,18,20 (mm) (interior heights)
  • Anti-leaks.
  • Modular: NO. It can connect to all anthills and foragers that use the Antderground system. It can be connected with a tube but with an adapter.

Special anthill for queens with vetical deposit


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Discover this anthill or ant nest ideal for queens, an anthill ideal for temporary area for the queen. Compacted acrylic

Mini ant nest 8 x 8 for queen and first ants.


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Small ant nest for queen and her first ants. To start a colony with species that require constant humidity. The

Ant nest with cork for queen and first ants 9 x 6.5


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An ant nest with cork and methacrylate recommended for the easy start of colonies that require little or no humidity.

Nest for queen and first ants, without integrated humidity system.


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Nest for Queen ants and first ants. 1.5 Interior height. Chambers with individual opening.

Ant nest with sponge for queen and first ants


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Ideal ant nest to start a colony of ants, for a queen and her first ants. Removable sponge to change

Mini ant nest to transport queen ants or others.


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Mini Ant nest 4.2 x 4.2 with holes to use it as a pendant or keychain * does not include hanging rope

What are small ant nests or claustral nests?

Mini ant nests are ant nests designed for our first ants, either for queen ants or worker ants.
They are ideal nests for their light weight and resistance allowing you to have ants safely in their early stages of growth of your ant colony.

What is an ant nest carrier?

In this category of small ant nests or claustral nests you will also find an ant nest in a transporting version. Ideal to go looking for ants in the bush/forest and keep them safe during the process.

Why do they say nursery anthill?

Easy! Because it is the ideal nest to have the ants more controlled and safer.
An ideal environment for the growth of ants.

Materials used in small anthills:

Materials such as Acrylic, 3D printing, wood ,cork or ytong.


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