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Set of 3 Ant Liquid Feeders (20 ml each)


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Set of 3 Ant Feeders with 20 ml Capacity Each. Perfect Feeders for Your Terrarium or Ant Farm. This version of feeders features a stainless steel grid to prevent liquid leakage. Features: Clear Plastic Reservoir/Bottle. Capacity: 20 ml. Grid: Stainless Steel. Colors: Red (Pink), Yellow, Blue. Quantity: 3 feeders.

Set of 3 liquid feeders for ants (3ml each) (Different colors)


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Set of 3 liquid feeders for ants with a capacity of 3ml each. These feeders are ideal for our ants and come in 3 different colors. Amber glass bottle: Ideal for the preservation of food/liquids. Total of 3 feeders: 1 red feeder 1 blue feeder 1 yellow feeder Capacity: 3ml each

Humidity system and drinker


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Humidity and drinker system to connect to any anthill, small nest or forage box. Totally anti-leak and with a design

Drinking trough for ants 3 ml


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Drinking troughs for ants (size 3 ml), created by Antderground, amber glass bottle for better food preservation.

Drinking trough for ants 1,5 ml


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Drinking troughs for ants with amber glass bottle for better food preservation.

Ant Feeder with hole for drops 20 mm


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Ideal ant feeder to control quantities and avoid dirtying the ant nest.

Food tray


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Ideal tray for food or water

In this category you can discover the different drinking troughs and food trays offered by Antderground.

Drinking troughs for ants!

Find the ideal ant drinker for your foraging area or anthill.
You will find different drinkers (3ml or 1,5ml). You will also find a special version of the drinker designed for large jaw ants.

Drinker as a humidity system?

Yes, you will also find in this category of drinkers and feeders a humidity system + drinker ideal for connecting to any ant nest or foraging.

feeders or food trays!

Yes! it is an important piece that you can not miss in your anthill or foraging box.
The food trays can be found in different sizes designed for all species of ants.