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Elliptorhina Javanica


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Elliptorhina javanica: Versatile live food for reptiles, amphibians and other insects. Nutritious, easy to raise and stimulates hunting behavior.

Eucorydia yasumatsui


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Beautify your terrarium with the captivating Eucorydia yasumatsui cockroach! With its medium size and beautiful bluish tones on the wings, it adds a unique touch to your environment. Observe their nocturnal activity and marvel at their intriguing behavior. A fascinating addition that will transform your terrarium into a true natural oasis.

Gromphadorhina portentosa


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Discover the fascinating Madagascar hissing cockroach! Perfect as an exotic pet or for research projects. Its peculiarity and ease of care make it a unique choice. Dare to explore the world of these incredible creatures!

Pseudoglomeris Magnifica


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Discover the stunning Emerald Cockroach (Pseudoglomeris Magnifica), its vibrant green color and unique presence make it a fascinating addition to any environment! Get yours now!

Lucihormetica verrucosa


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Discover Lucihormetica verrucosa! Unique cockroach with green bioluminescence and warty exoskeleton. Perfect for studios or hobbyists.

Shelfordella lateralis (ex tartara)(10 units)


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10 units of Shelfordella lateralis (ex tartara). The perfect live food for ants, reptiles and amphibians. A diet loaded with protein.

Blaptica Dubia (10 units)


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10 units of Blaptica dubia. (live food) Discover this fantastic food loaded with protein, ideal for ant colonies. An ideal power source to have an entire colony of ants active. This live food is ideal for feeding certain insects, reptiles, amphibians.

Explore our fascinating selection of cockroaches, the intrepid explorers of the insect world. From classic European cockroaches to exotic cockroaches, our collection offers a variety of species for the enthusiast and curious alike. Discover the resistance and adaptability of these incredible insects, ideal for scientific studies, educational exhibits or simply as unique pets. Find your six-legged companion today and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cockroaches!